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Run a class at Norwich Creative Market


February 2019 saw the launch of workshops at Norwich Creative Market. It was good to see a group of people so engaged in a new activity and I have decided to offer workshop space at the April 6th. June 1st, August 10th and September 22nd markets. 

Things to bear in mind...

- Classes will be booked and paid for in advance.

- You will take payments directly via eventbrite, a paypal button or email and invoice. I will support you in set up if required. If I take everyone's fee's for the year I will hit VAT turnover threshold and that makes things stupidly expensive for you for the future,

- You need to provide everything the student needs to complete a project, including printed instructions if the item will not be fully complete in the session.

- Your insurance needs to cover you for doing tuition. Please get quotes before applying.

- You will need to provide a risk assessment of your activities. For support with this click here.

- I will ask to see your insurance before your event goes live for booking.

- Priority will be given to repeat stall holders who have a good track record of keeping in touch and sharing on social media (no matter the size of their following)

- An £80 non refundable deposit will be paid by the tutor at the time of confirmation. Scroll down for further information about costs.

- The total cost of running your class at the venue will be £80 or 20% of takings, whichever is greater.

- The venue will not allow activities that may damage the fabric of the building.

- No naked flames or activities which should be done with respirators, such as resin work.

What does the Creative Market provide?

- Space, tables, chairs.

- Advertising of your class.

- A 4ft stall space alongside your tuition area.

- Set up support.

- Forwarding bookings as required.

What do you need to provide?

- Administration of your own bookings.

- A way for people to pay you for the class.

- A clear, simple refund policy. 

- Expertise & patience

- Tools and materials to make a completed item, or that the participant can take away if their item will be unfinished. Scroll down for examples.

- Printed instructions.

- Any protective covers to protect the venue space.

- Full details of anything the participant needs to bring, such as an apron.

To make this profitable you should aim to...

- Have 8-12 people per session or have less participants in a higher value session.

- Run 3 sessions in a day or have longer, higher value sessions.

- Provide an extension kit or a selection of them to choose from. If people take away one thing they will hopefully want to carry on their new hobby at home.

-Offer extension tuition. This could be at your own independent venue or at a future market.

Costs and pricing

The £80 non refundable deposit is payable before your class goes live. This is to cover administration, space and to show that you are invested in the endeavour and unlikely to cancel. If you cancel or unable to fulfil your commitment for any reason then this has a significant impact on the reputation of the market as a whole and, in turn, people's confidence in the other small businesses involved. 

The total cost of your booking will be £80 or 25%, whichever is greater.

For example, book 15 £20 spaces at a total of £300. The total cost is £80. You paid the deposit, there is no further balance.

Book 20 places at £30, for a total of £600. The total cost is £150. £70 balance remains to be paid 48 hours before the event.

Pricing guidance

I see a lot of items that are priced too cheaply. Please consider the value of your time when running a workshop. Some guidance below. Apologies if this is 'stating the obvious'.

Example 1: The right way

You see 30 people in a day, 10 per session for three 90 minute sessions. You are making a variety of crochet squares for a blanket.

You charge £20 per session with a total income of £600 for the day.

25% is paid to the market. This would be £150 but you've paid £80 already so there is £70 to pay 48 hours in advance or once your sessions are fully booked, whichever is sooner.

You have to pay about 5% £30 in fees to paypal. Your additional insurance was £40.

You have to buy the wool and crochet hooks for 30 people and print 30 sets of instructions. Let's say this costs £100.

You have £280 of profit, plus any sales of ready made items or kits. 

Example 2: - The wrong way

You see 15 people in a day, 5 per three 1 hour sessions. You are making a set of 10 polymer clay beads and providing instructions for baking at home.

You charge £10  per session with a total income of £150. Your £80 deposit is retained by the market. 

Your clay and 15 sets of tools cost £100.

You loose about 5% in paypal fees £7.50. Your insurance costs £70. You make a loss of £157.50 on your tuition. 

You may sell 15 extension kits at £15 each, each costing £10 to put together. This £75 brings your losses down to £102.50