Payment Policy


For 2018 Norwich Creative Market had a clear, relaxed payment policy. Sadly many, many people book but do not pay by the deadline. The market is set up, not as an income source for me but as an income generator for the vendors who attend. 

It is not a cheap venue but a 4 figure hire fee. The amount I can spend on advertising is wholly dependent on the amount of stall bookings I receive, From the April and February markets I have a total of £678 of unpaid invoices. Yes, from just 2 markets. This is people who have booked and never replied to their email, this is people who reply and just never pay and this is people who send a really nice email saying they can no longer make it. Cancellations and late payments leave me and the other vendors out of pocket as the advertising campaigns run late or have to be reduced. Not to mention the time I have to spend sending additional emails to chase up missing payments.

In order for full advertising campaigns to run on time every time up to 16 makers per campaign can pay an additional fee to be featured. See the application form for details.

For this reason the new payment policy as of March 24th 2019 is now as follows:

1. Payment is required in full on receipt of confirmation.  

2. You may opt to refer your payment for an additional £5 fee per date applied for.

3. This £5 non refundable charge is required on confirmation. 

4. For deferred payments the stall fee will then be due no later than 1 month prior to the event.

5. If you have not replied to your confirmation email within 1 week your booking will be cancelled.

6. If you fail to pay a deferred payment by the 1 month deadline then your booking will be cancelled.

7. If you are accepted to be a featured vendor then your £20 fee is due on receipt of confirmation.

8. Featured vendor advertising fees cannot be deferred.

9. Vendors who do not reply to emails or do not pay without notification will not be considered for future markets.

10. Cancellations will not be refunded. 

11. Cancellations may be offered a replacement stall at a future market at the discretion of the organiser.

12. Stall fees are as follows:

April, June, August & September

4ft - £24

6ft - £36

8ft - £48

12ft - £72


4ft - £28

6ft - £42

8ft - £56

12ft - £84


4ft - £32

6ft - £48

8ft - £64

12ft - £96

13. Featured advertising fees are inclusive of the following:

-Your image and social media tag included on digital advertising, physical advertising and paid social media ads.

-Digital advertising is 30,000+ plays in the month prior to the market. Your image & tag will be featured on  50% of these plays.

-Physical advertising is at least 50 a4 posters displayed in a varied and changeable selection of venues across Norfolk. One A0 poster displayed outside St. Andrews Hall.

- Have your work featured on the website home page.

- Get 4 social media preview posts of your work in addition to the free collage post.

- Facebook and Instagram campaigns vary according to analytics.

- If the market is featured in any other media, such as the EDP, your image will be submitted but I cannot guarantee it will be chosen.