New applicants


Apply here for your first stall at Norwich Creative Market. If you have had a stall at the market before please Click here for the other form.

If you would like to run a class at Norwich Creative Market please click here for that form. 

Please read all the information on the application before asking questions as most things can be found detailed on the form.

Payment is required on receipt of confirmation.  If you choose to defer your payment there will be an additional £5, non refundable charge for each market you have applied for, required on confirmation. The stall fee will then be due no later than 1 month prior to the event. Please see the payment policy for details. 

Stall fees are as follows:

April, June, August & September

4ft - £24

6ft - £36

8ft - £48

12ft - £72


4ft - £28

6ft - £42

8ft - £56

12ft - £84


4ft - £32

6ft - £48

8ft - £64

12ft - £96

You can apply for your work and social media tag to be featured on the advertising campaign. If accepted the charge will be £20 in addition to your stall fee. See the payment policy for details.

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