AK Threads

AK Threads Norwich Creative Market

 AK Threads are inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, denoting 'rawness', simplicity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation  of natural things and processes. Wabi sabi defines the uniqueness and ingenuous elegance of an object. 

AK Threads will be running a workshop at this market. Click here for details.



Becca Lynn Illustration


Do you love cake? Becca Lynn illustrates all your foodie dreams on cards, aprons and tea towels. She also has a fabulous cookery book. The perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth.

Becca Lynn will be running a hand lettering workshop at this market. Click here for details.



Binks Norwich Creative Market

Binks also cater to the apartment gardener. Eye catching planters, macrame hanging baskets and framed plant art. The perfect gift for balcony gardening.


Bramble Leather


Founded with a love of dogs Bramble Leather make luxury pet products and belts. Our bespoke leather dog collars, leads and harnesses come in over 30 different colours. Treat your pet to a little luxury.


Beauty of Ceramic

Beauty of Ceramics Norwich Creative Market

Beauty of Ceramic sell a range of hand crafted ceramic lamps. These are available in a range of styles and some painted designs.



CA.RA Textiles

CA.RA textiles Norwich Creative Market

CA.RA textiles hand carve lino, which is then hand printed onto fabrics, cards, hanging decorations and other gift items. They then use the hand printed fabric to create bags of different shapes and sizes. They use a mix of contemporary and classic colours and print designs which are completely original and appeal to a wide range of people. 


Crafty Paper

Crafty Paper Norwich Creative Market

Michelle is a Stampin' Up! demonstrator who runs paper craft classes from her new studio in Norwich. She will be offering handmade cards, tags and gift boxes. There will also be an opportunity to sign up for her paid workshops.


Creative with Line

Creative with Line Norwich Creative Market

Creative with Line create unique art pieces, particularly animals and things organic in nature. An exploration of line using pencil, ink and carving a lino-block. There will be digital prints through to original pieces, ensuring something for every budget.


Cherry Tree Pottery

Cherry Tree Pottery Norwich Creative Market

Cherry Tree Pottery create quirky, characterful stoneware ceramic animal-shaped lidded jars. There are other unique pottery pieces like castle tower bird feeders with working gargoyles, steampunk and unusual mugs 


Chelsea's Positivity

Chelsea's positivity Norwich creative market

Chelsea makes earrings and necklaces from a range of different charms. These make a great low cost Mother's day gift or just something to cheer up a friend.


Celia’s Gems

Celias gems Norwich Creative Market

Celia makes a range of wire and glass jewellery. Her newest range includes a selection of animal and forest themed items, alongside her original range.


D & E


Dufflecat Norwich Creative Market

Dufflecat makes a range of animal designs on cards, coasters and pin badges. I’m sure there are some Valentines in the works and there’s a new range of gift boxed coasters.


Dread Decks

Dread Decks Norwich Creative Market

Dread Decks sell a selection of different art works, originals and prints. There will also a small selection of jewellery,  rucksacks and skateboards, all inspired in some way by tattoo art and culture. 


Ever and Ava

Ever and Ava Norwich Creative Market

Ever and Ava create handmade cards and gift tags using vintage fabric and ephemera. They also make handmade jewellery using vintage and new beads , freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal. 


Daisy Doodles Designs

Daisy Doodles Designs Norwich Creative Market

Daisy Doodles Designs make a range of quilted items. They also sell cushion covers, make up bags and bunting.


Emily Knight Illustration

Emily Knight Norwich Creative Market

Emily Knight does a perfectly random mix of vegetable art and famous Norwich buildings. Why those two? That's a great question for when you check out her Instagram. She also sells pin badges with a feminist twist.


Elemental Jewellery Design

Elemental Jewellery Design Norwich Creative Market

Elemental Jewellery Design make sterling silver jewellery all with a unique design. The designs are  contemporary but with a bohemian twist.. bangles, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces and rings.  


G & H



Galina makes beautiful beaded jewellery using semi precious stones. She’s not an Internet seller so you will need to pop by and see these creations in person.

Great British Glass

Great British Glass Norwich Creative Market

Great British Glass make hand decorated crystal and glass, inspired by nature and wildlife.  They undertake bespoke commissions and can offer discounts for larger volume orders 


Henretta's Handmade

Henretta's Handmade Norwich Creative Market

Henretta's Handmade create a rance of jewellery from wire, gem stones and ethically sourced materials, such as shells. The organic shapes and nature inspired designs are perfect for spring.


Forever Too Far

Forever too far Norwich Creative Market

Forever too Far is a creative brand promoting positive body image and self care. Colourful art and a community project merge in this uplifting project.



Iain Green Cartoons

Iain Green Cartoons Norwich Creative Market

Iain Green creates humorous cartoons which are both whimsical an off beat. The colourful designs depict both animals and people and are sure to be a great conversation piece for your home. 


I Love Bows

I Love Bows Norwich Creative Market

I Love Bows make a large range of bows from high quality materials. With a range of colours, decals and textures there is something for everyone. These can be personalised and custom orders are available.



Jessica D'Alton Goode

Norwich Creative Market. Jessica D'Alton Goode - Artist and Illustrator. Norfolk Craft fair. Art

From award-winning children's illustrator; beautiful and unique hand-painted cards, alongside limited edition prints and stunning artworks with gold detailing. Jessica's work is inspired by the beautiful and the wild; influenced by folklore and legends and the ancient relationship between us and the wilderness. 



JusMol Norwich Creative Market

JusMol  creates animal prints, astrology and zodiac prints.. Her little shop has a theme of organic looking products including clay pots and small ring holders. She will be selling zines of drawings, of buildings and different landscapes. 



Licclefreak Loves

Licclefreak Loves Norwich Creative Market

Licclefreak Loves pastels and glitter. The range includes 90s themed, hand painted leather jewellery, sparkly resin jewellery and a collection of decorations for Christmas.


Little Renard Rouge

Little Renard Rouge Norwich Creative Market

 Little Renard Rouge make a great selection of printed and hand finished cards and framed illustrations. Cards cover a wide range of topics are suitable for men, women and children. 


M, N, O

Mad Brown Knitwear

Mad Brown Knitwear Norwich Creative Market

Mad Brown Knitwear use embroidery to decorate their colourful range of jumpers. Each one is made from recycled British wool that has been lovingly restored and customised. The perfect winter gift for women.


Michelle Fielden

Michelle Fielden Norwich Creative Market

Michelle creates colourful raku pottery inspired by the natural environment. The pottery is hand-built or slip-cast ceramic and the dynamic raku process involves fire and carbon. This dynamic process brings the added dimension of crackle glaze creating interest and an absolutely unique pattern to every piece. 


Norwich Men's Shed

Men's Shed Norwich Creative Market

Norwich Men’s Shed is a registered charity. It provides a place for blokes to meet informally and safely to do ‘hands-on’ stuff together; and its always good to meet people and make new friends. Current activities include woodworking, computing and electronics, metalworking, blacksmithing, chat and banter. 


Old Thyme Chic


Old Thyme Chic make a range of upcycled lanterns and decopatch items. Items are styled to suit the season with a spring an Valentine's theme this February.


Moss and Waffle Crafts

Moss and Waffle Crafts Norwich Creative Market

Moss and Waffle sell a variety of knitted, crochet and sewn items. Currently the stall has winter knits - hats, ear warmers and scarves. There is also an eco-friendly range of fabric and crochet make up remover pads and cotton dish & wash cloths. 


P, Q & R

Pixels & Purls

Pixels and Purls Norwich Creative Market

Pixels and Purls sell hand embroidered necklaces, pins and earrings in a floral, astronomy or girl power theme. There will a range of sewing accessories and kits.


Pretty Cactus

Pretty Cactus Norwich Creative Market

Pretty Cactus use small plants, succulents and cacti to create small art pieces and home decor items. A range of plants and displays will be available.


Raglan's Streets

Raglan's Streets Norwich Creative Market

Raglan's Streets is a series of independent crime fiction - cosy crime with a touch of grit. There will also be related handcrafted merchandise. 



Safi Butler Art

Safi Butler Art Norwich Creative Market

Safi Butler makes fused glass and does lino printing and is especially good at capturing the personality and expressions of people's pets. The perfect gift for animal lovers.

Safi will be running a workshop at this market. Click here for details.


Snapdragon Ceramics

Snapdragon Ceramics Norwich Creative Market

Snapdragon Ceramics make a rainbow of glass sun catchers and ornaments to bring an abundance of colour into your home. The perfect gift for all as there are so many styles to choose from.


Sculpted Forest

Sculpted Forest Norwich Creative Market

Sculpted Forest electroform real leaves and seeds in copper gold and silver. These are then turned into jewellery, wall hangings, small individual ornaments and sculptures. Electroforming can take weeks whereas electroplating can be done in minutes or seconds.


Suzie G Art

Suzie G art

Suzie G Art makes hand painted mandalas, dotillism pieces and quirky animals. Her use of resin makes these a long lasting gift.


Swim Stuff Co.

Swim Stuff Co Norwich Creative Market

 Swim Stuff make vibrant changing towels with pom poms. They have been designed for swimming but can be used wherever you want! There are hand-pulled screen prints on wash bags, greetings cards, tote bags and tops.  


Sammi Chad Makes

Sammi chad Norwich Creative Market

Sammi Chad is a needle felter. Her latest work includes a range of realistic animal portraits. There is no better way to capture your furry friend.


T - Y

The Candle Brand

The Candle Brand Norwich Creative Market

 Luxury handcrafted candles, made with 100% soy and wood wicks. Lovingly made in South Norfolk. Made to order personalisation services also available for Wedding gifts, favours, and all other occasions. 


The Rainbow Cake Co

Rainbow Cake Co Norwich Creative Market

The Rainbow Cake Co are our caterers for November and December. They will be offering cupcakes, tray bakes and cake slices for sale on the day as well as taking orders for beautiful rainbow  occasion cakes.



Trinkety Norwich Creative Market

Trinkety create art, stickers and  hand spun wool and roving. With a bright colour palette and a quirky illustration style their work is sure to appeal to teenagers and students.


Yvonne Pratt Textiles

Yvonne Pratt Norwich Creative Market

 Yvonne creates mixed media textile art pieces with print, ink, pencil and embroidery. The pieces are created by building up layers of printed fabric and papers, then re-worked in to with paint, ink and dyes.

Yvonne will be running a workshop at this market. Click here for details.


TJB Designs

TJB designs Norwich Creative Market

TJB Designs makes bowls, plaques and hanging shapes from paper clay embossed with thoughtful words and phrases. They also make feathers from pre-loved yarns of various sizes. These can be hung individually or together with a plaque, on foraged wood branches or worn as jewellery. 


Y & Z

You, Me and Daisy Too

You Me and Daisy Too Norwich Creative Market

You, Me and Daisy Too hand stitch beaded jewellery using high quality seed beads. As a member of the Norfolk Craft Guild and The Blakeney Guild of Many Crafts the work has been assessed to a high standard. Has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.


Zoe's Craft Room

Zoe's Craft Room Norwich Creative Market

Zoe's Craft Room create a range of paper cuts in a variety of intricate designs. It is possible to customise the frame and backing paper. A range of cards and pre-made items will be available for purchase.